Adult continuing education is very practical and necessary especially if you had missed the opportunity earlier in life.  Research has shown that adults have several advantages over children where learning is concerned.  They have better memory, experience and fewer attractions.

adult continuing education

Better memory

It was once thought that you couldn’t grow new brain cells, so as you got older and old cells died your memory also died.  However, doctors are now admitting that adult continuing education can actually help to grow new brain cells.  You can even delay Alzheimer’s disease by keeping your brain active.

Lost of memory is not unique to seniors, so yes from time to time you will forget things but it happens to almost everyone.  Adult continuing education can actually stimulate and jog the memory as you learn new things to us seniors it could be a case of “been there, done that”. Nothing is new or shocking.

You have nothing to fear, you will be surprised at how easily things come back to your memory and once you are willing to learn new things and approach it with an open mind it will not be as difficult as you might think.

Experience Plays a Great Part in Adult Continuing Education

You learn from the known to the unknown. So it’s logical that the more experience you have, the more you can think.  Adult continuing education can be challenging for any age group however for persons 50 years and over they could find that it keeps getting easier because there are always relevant things in their experience.


You may have distractions at work or in your personal life but let’s face it, are they really as obsessive as your teenage interests? You aren’t going to have to choose between going out on a date and doing some study. You might have to choose between having a nap and study, but maturity will get you through it.


Exams can be stressful and lack of study time can also weigh heavily on your ability to pass.   Our goal is to complete whatever course we are doing successfully which means passing the exams.  However, the beauty of being 50 and over gives you enough experience to tell you that you that in the event you do not pass you will survive failure, and land on your feet again.  So you go in with fewer nerves which allows you to think clearer.

Another good thing is that you might be in a better position to afford well-needed resources that can help you in your studies. Even the internet that we take for granted, the younger folks or those with more responsibilities may not be able to do much research on the internet because it costs too much.

There are ways to become a lightning calculator and ways to develop a super memory, and you can afford them all. If you want to learn a language you can probably even afford to get a “super learning” course that teaches you the language in only fifteen hours.

Why Adult Continuing Education

Why should you bother with adult continuing education?

* It prevents brain deterioration

* It is retraining for a new job

* Self-employment

All these benefits are both you and the wider society.  When you are well equipped it is easier to keep a good job and harder to be sacked.  Even if you lose your job finding one or becoming self-employed becomes easier.   Then if you are retrenched from your job you won’t care.

Then you won’t need to worry about adult continuing education any more will you? Oops… you will need to keep learning, even more, when you have your own business. For instance, you are going to have to learn to book-keep unless you can afford an accountant to do the work. If you have to employ people, you will need to learn the laws that apply.


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