Everybody these days are all about health and wellness and definitely wants to feel and look younger than his or her age. Who wouldn’t? Nobody wants to have wrinkles, heart diseases and memory loss. Well, the only solution to that is to go on an anti aging nutrition diet. Anti ageing nutrition diet is a diet that is rich in antioxidants.

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anti ageing nutrition

What Are Antioxidants?

Antioxidants are mainly found in fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, beta carotene and selenium. Antioxidants fight the free radicals in the body.  Research has shown that these are the number one anti ageing nutrition to help you age grafully.  

Free radicals are oxygen fragments that attack and damage the life-sustaining proteins, cell membranes and the cell genetic code of our body (which primarily causes aging and diseases). Antioxidants protect the brain and the nervous system from oxidative damages that are linked with age-related memory loss. Anti ageing nutrition prevents premature ageing and diseases.

The advantages of antioxidant are well known. Fruit and vegetables rich in vitamin C are one example of an anti ageing nutrition based diet. Citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, strawberries, green pepper, potatoes and raw cabbage are rich in vitamin C.

There is also vitamin E which hinders or delay the process of aging. Wheat germ, seeds, vegetable oil, whole grains, green leafy vegetable, fish oil and nuts are good sources of vitamin E.

While beta-carotene-rich fruits and vegetables are carrots, squash sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, apricots, peaches, collards, kale and tomatoes. Selenium is a mineral that helps fight cell damage by the oxygen-deprived compounds and is also known to prevent cancer. Garlic, chicken, eggs, red meat, grains, fish and shellfish are known to be good sources of selenium.

However, selenium is toxic when it is taken in large doses of the supplement form. Blueberries and strawberries are full antioxidants, which make them perfect antiaging nutrition, improving the balance and coordination of the body, and also improving the short term memory.

Importance of Antioxidants

It is important to have enough supply of antioxidants in the body for it to cope with its production of free radicals. Remember that nutrients that come from plants are important in anti ageing nutrition. They have a series of chemical components. These are called phytochemicals and phytonutrients. These components give huge benefits to the skin and overall beauty in appearance.

Turning to anti ageing nutrition also protect the brain from damage which can result in memory loss associated with aging. So if you feel like your grandmother has a better memory than you, you’re probably eating the wrong stuff.

The Body Needs Anti Ageing Nutrition as it Ages

anti ageing nutrition

Research shows that the human body becomes less efficient in processing the nutrients as it ages. Therefore the body needs to increase its nutrient intake. That is why it is important to increase certain vitamins as we age.

Women should increase their calcium intake to prevent osteoporosis, while men should take advantage of the immune enhancing effects of antioxidants. They should increase their vitamin C and vitamin E intake to prevent prostate cancer.

There are also lots of anti aging nutrition supplements available on the market today. Just visit your local pharmacy. Consult your doctor first so that you will have the antiaging nutrition supplement that your body needs.

Do people constantly ask you how many kids you have when you’re barely 21 years old? Did you ever wonder why most men who seem to be interested in you are those in their mid 50’s? Do you find yourself being turned down by every eligible bachelorette because they all think their fathers were just half your age?

You Have to Power to Look Younger – Anti Ageing Nutrition

To look and feel young is actually within one’s control. While some people claim to have been blessed with the youthful radiance we all love to have, some others basically just worked for it. The kind of lifestyle that we live including the foods that we eat actually contributes more to looking older than the natural aging processes themselves. There are several anti ageing nutrition that may slow down one’s aging “speed”.

Anti ageing nutrition does not only focus on helping you look younger. It actually works to make you live longer as well. Reducing your calorie intake is part of a whole anti aging nutrition regimen.

Studied have confirmed that too much calorie intake leads to age-related diseases. An excessive calorie is not the only one that needs to be avoided. Too much fat intake has been known to cause heart disease as well as other deadly diseases. Changing your eating pattern to increase antiaging nutrition in place of the harmful substances will bring you more than the physical rewards.

Exercise Delay Ageing

anti ageing nutrition

Exercise is a good way to delay ageing. Regular physical activities not only prevent serious diseases, but these also make you act with more vigour and enthusiasm.

People who are doing exercises regularly emit a glow and radiate a certain positive aura. Older people who are inactive will lessen any or all of these four areas of staying healthy: strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance. All of which, over time, will result in depression, leading to looking and feeling old and wasted.

Finally, anti ageing nutrition does not stop with what you eat. Sleeping well is an important factor to reduce the rate of aging. Lack of sleep can likewise lead to a lack of mental alertness. An unhealthy mind and body can also result if one does not get a sufficient amount of sleep. Thus, anti ageing nutrition can also be considered as a means to “age with grace”.


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